Yes, sounds crazy but that is correct. I have a Kettlebell under my desk. Nowadays it is a 20kg Kettlebell. It doesn’t look so big but it is heavier than most think.

It all began a couple of years ago, when I started as a consultant at Ericsson in Karlskrona. I was put in a team that was really open for new things and I had just discovered the kettlebell. I was eager to talk a lot about my new interest. One key for a good consultant is to be really social. I always like to talk to new persons and learn what they are interested in. In my new team, training was a big topic of conversation.

It turned out that in the site of Ericsson in Karlskrona, there exist an Ericsson gym. We were a small group starting to train during the lunches. Everyone that joined, started to talk about it. First there where only our group, then it spread to the department and then it started to spread in all Ericsson site. So suddenly we had people joining from all over. At highest we were around 20 people each time.

With help of this group of training enthusiasts, we got a lot of connections around the whole Ericsson site. When you needed some help, you could always talk with someone that you met during the training. The bosses in Ericsson also started to talk about our training sessions. We even had a challenge between two bosses. If one of them participated, the other one should to.

We needed a goal for our sessions. One famous test you can do is the secret service snatch test at Fitnessyoucanuse.com. It origins from the secret service selection process and the rules are:

  • Do as many repetitions of the kettlebell snatch in ten minutes as possible.
  • Men uses 24kg kettlebell
  • Ladies uses the 12kg
  • Switch hands whenever you'd like and you may even set the bell down
  • Final count is total sum of snatches, period.

So we started to train towards this goal. The only thing we changed was the weight, because it was a bit too heavy for most of us. It took us around a month to train for this. However, a new member in our development team had started some days before. He was a former swimmer and really liked to train, so he was in a good shape. He got interested and wanted to join our Kettlebell sessions and started the same day we did the graduation of the snatch test. Kettlebell is fun in the way everyone can join, but as simple as it is to take the Kettlebell from the ground and over your head, you need skills to do it. The test sounds so easy to do and he was in good shape, so why not?

We gave him a lower weight than the rest of us, but after we had done around 80 reps, our rookie started to feel not so good. The rest of us completed the 10 minutes of the snatch test.

What happened to the new guy? Well, that day he had hard do eat because his hands was shaking so much. Drinking coffee was out of the question. He had bad soreness all the week after. Never let a newbie take the snatch test the first day of a Kettlebell session.

But why do I have a Kettlebell under my desk? Well, I have had it under my desk for years. I do swing challenges and it is easy to do small sessions when waiting for something to compile. I have got a lot of new contacts all over the Ericsson. A lot of people started to talk about it and the management has encouraged me to continue. Good advertisement for HiQ and one of our values - JOY. We have got a lot of credit for getting so many people starting to exercise.

Per Kjellgren

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Per Kjellgren
HiQ Karlskrona