HiQ develops new eskilstuna.se

Eskilstuna municipality chooses HiQ to develop the new eskilstuna.se with the purpose of transforming it into a website based on users’ needs. The website should make it easy for users to find the information they need to get answers to their questions or to carry out errands online. HiQ developed a new design for the website, a completely new search function and in parallel, built in AI to increase the precision. 

– This is a nice project for us at HiQ and a very good collaboration with Eskilstuna municipality with the work on the new eskilstuna.se. Being able to help simplify things for them and their citizens, to create a more accessible Eskilstuna, has been very rewarding especially since they are so happy with their new website, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

As society develops tougher requirements are put on a municipality and its accessibility. Citizens today expect to be able to carry out errands at any time of the day and to get answers to questions without having to sit in a telephone queue. The demands on a municipality and its website are therefore substantial in terms of the digital services offered, if it becomes too cumbersome, users will still pick up the phone and call the municipality for help.

Eskilstuna municipality chooses HiQ with the aim of transforming eskilstuna.se into a website based on users’ need for municipal services and through this make it easier for users to find the information they need to get answers to their questions or carry out errands online. It is mainly about developing frequently asked questions to reduce the number of calls, increase the use of the digital service as well as the trust in the municipality and to be able to provide visitors with even better service. The vision is also to reduce the administrative work for both administrators and editors as the content does not require as much manual work as before. The purpose is also to strengthen Eskilstuna municipality’s brand platform “Good Sustainable Meetings” and thereby increase residents’ trust. The website must also comply with the rules and laws that exist regarding the accessibility and adapt the graphic profile to the new digital platform.

– I have had the privilege of working alongside the world’s best colleagues to develop, in my opinion, Sweden’s best municipal website. Many thanks to the best team and to HiQ, says Martina Manneh, Municipal Strategy Communication & Digitization at Eskilstuna municipality.

– I am so incredibly proud to have been involved in developing the municipality’s new website together with our fantastic consultants at HiQ, says Mikael Mörnhed, Developer/Webb Editor at Eskilstuna municipality.

HiQ developed a completely new design for the website, which is built in SiteVision, with a strong user focus. Through interviews and tests, it became clear that an entirely new navigation needed to be developed as well as creating a more elaborate search function. The new search function highlights E-services and recommended landing pages created with the website’s label system. The number of pages on the website also needed to be reduced to a more manageable amount. In parallel, AI was built in to increase the website’s precision. The new navigation offers a faster path, to simpler and better information. The website has also been reviewed on the basis of the new law on accessibility to digital public services. 

– Together with my wonderful colleagues and the professional gang at HiQ, I have been involved in launching Eskilstuna municipality’s new website. We are so satisfied and happy with our new SiteVision web, spiced with exciting AI solutions from rec.ai, says Henrik Bondeson, Web Editor at Eskilstuna municipality.

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HiQ expands in three Swedish cities following the acquisition of Headlight

Earlier this year, HiQ acquired Headlight Group, consisting of Headlight and Relight. This acquisition is an important part of HiQ’s expansion journey and will bring new job opportunities to the cities of Västerås, Örebro and Borlänge due to the great recruitment need. The news comes just weeks after the acquisition was announced and is an important part of HiQ’s effort to become Northern Europe’s leading tech consulting firm.

– We’re so excited to be expanding to Borlänge and in the cities of Örebro and Västerås! This merger enables us to expand further in the Swedish market and bring new jobs to all three cities while also affording us the opportunity to work together with companies in these areas. This is a good step for us on our expansion journey. Let’s go big!, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

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HiQ wins framework agreement with the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education

HiQ wins framework agreement with the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (MYH). The procurement refers to consulting support regarding system development, architecture, and change management.

– So great for HiQ to win this framework agreement, areas in which we are incredibly strong. Contributing with this kind of competence is the core of what we want to do, and the public sector is an important area for us, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

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HiQ & BatteryLoop develop more efficient charging infrastructure

BatteryLoop, a company which gives electric car batteries a second life as energy storage systems, launched an energy storage system in the spring of 2021 which makes it possible, among other things, to build charging infrastructure in places where the electricity grid suffers power shortages. In collaboration with HiQ, BatteryLoop is now developing a digital platform that makes it possible to maximize power in the charging infrastructure. The digital platform enables an estimate as to how long a battery has left to live, thus its economic value in a circular business model.

– It is fantastic that our team is joining BatteryLoop on this journey. Circular business models and sustainability are important to us at HiQ, and it really shows with this project. There is an incredible amount to do to streamline the use of energy in society and this solution is an important contribution to that process, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

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