'Tidning för alla' simplifies reading the news

The challenge

For most of us, using digital devices to keep up with the news and download information is part of everyday life. But the speed and intensity of today’s news flows make it difficult for one large group of people to read and process all this information. In Sweden alone, more than 100,000 people have visual impairments that negatively affect their ability to read. Deaf-blind people and those with dyslexia also form part of this group.

The mission

To create a solution that makes it easier for people with various types of disabilities to access news online.


HiQ also developed the Resledaren mobile app. The app makes it easier for people with cognitive impairments to travel.

The solution

HiQ developed a service that makes it easier for those with reading difficulties to follow the news. News sites are scanned in real time and the contents are presented – without pictures, adverts and superfluous information – on a website specially designed for easy access. The site incorporates support functions for aids such as screen readers, Braille displays and enlargement programmes that help users to acquire the information they seek.

The result

Three major Swedish daily newspapers – AftonbladetExpressen and Svenska Dagbladet – are currently linked to the service. More publications can be added in the future. Tidning för alla (News for all) also has the technology to cover foreign news sites in any language. The initiative is a good example of how technology can make day-to-day life simpler and create a more inclusive society. Tidning för alla (News for all) was one of the winning projects in the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority competition.


Simplify and improve peoples lives using technology

Digitalisation comes with huge opportunities to simplify the lives for millions of people with disabilities around the world. At HiQ we have been involved in various projects over the years like for example creating a Facebook for deafblind people and simplifying travelling by easy-to-use digital solutions like Resledaren and Tågprator. Simplicity is always on top of our agenda. When working with this target group, we are put to the test and that´s a challenge we love. We believe that there is still a lot to be done for this important group. With new technology, we will keep on simplifying and improving people´s lives. 

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