Webinars for the future

With its sights set on the future, HiQ hosts webinars on Tech, IT, Agile Development and Accessibility.

FRENDS - Integration Platform as an Accelerator for Digitalization and Service Development

Ever wondered how modern integration platforms can accelerate digitalization and integration processes in development projects?

Join us for this webinar to hear how to start speeding up the development of your integration projects both on-site and in the cloud, and gain insights from concrete examples of the process.

Supported by real-life cases, this webinar will first cover the benefits of the integration platform from a business perspective. We will also introduce the principles of the FRENDS platform and walk through a short interactive demo.

Read more about the FRENDS Integration Platform at frends.com

Better customer data with Integrerat PIM and DAM systems for NORMA Group

Want to know how to optimize your market data? Wouldn’t it be easier to listen to what customers want? What if you could quickly optimize texts, images and other pertinent information about the products? The solution is called Integrated PIM and DAM systems.

NORMA Group, one of the world's largest suppliers and innovators of industrial clamps, struggled with endless amounts of information about the different products and small adjustments for different markets. With HiQ as its integration partner, NORMA Group was able to use both PIM from InRiver and DAM from QBank – seamlessly. An effective way to use customer data correctly and shorten the distance for time-to-market.

Hear Martin Lindgren from HiQ and Florent Pellissier, VP Global Marketing from NORMA Group discuss the possibilities of seamless integrations. The webinar is in Swedish.


RPA Evolves to Hyperautomation

RPA is rapidly evolving from UI recording into something more capable and intelligent. A number of vendors and analytics create fancy new keywords like Intelligent Process Automation, Digital Process Automation, and hyperautomation. What do these terms mean? What is a hyperautomation platform? Have you ever wondered how your organisation can benefit from such technologies?

Join us for a webinar on "RPA evolves to hyperautomation." Come and get a free update on the evolution of Process Automation and RPA, where integrations, RPA, and machine learning come together as one.


Remote Design Sprint

Modern and agile service development is about testing your ideas instantly and early in the process. A Design Sprint is an effective way to quickly find creative solutions for the development of a product or a service. It’s a great method, especially since it can be used for Innovation Planning Sprints in SAFe. In this webinar, we show how to go from an idea to a valid prototype in just 5 days – completely remote without meeting.

HiQ has facilitated a number of Design Sprints for companies such as Husqvarna, SVT, Assa Abloy, Orkla Foods, Ystad municipality, Scania and several other global companies where it is often not possible to gather everyone in the same room. The webinar is in Swedish.

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Complex IT systems and a multitude of different solutions that should talk with each other. That’s the challenge for most companies and one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to both cost-effective maintenance as well as updating and developing new solutions. HiQ’s integration platform FRENDS cures these issues, serving as the link that connects old systems with new ones. The webinar is in Swedish.

Read more about the FRENDS Integration platform at frends.com


Do you wish assembling a development team was a quick and easy task? And recruiting the developers was smooth, that all of them could start right away. One Sprint and presto – you leapfrog past the competition 😎

No problem, leave it to us. We call it Team as a Service, a quick and easy way to get started and scale-up your development capacity, increase production rates and reduce time-to-market. The webinar is in Swedish.


Digital Accessibility

Why is accessible design and communication so important? And why are there legal standards and requirements for accessibility? HiQ’s Malin Hammarberg addresses both questions and show business opportunities with accessibility, and how to use them. Malin is a usability and accessibility specialist, and holds a number of certifications in accessibility (CPACC, WAS and CPWA). The webinar is in Swedish.