Our dealings are complex, our duty is simplicity

One offer from concept to implementation

We help our clients all the way, from concept to implementation. They can fly a jet plane without leaving the ground. Drive an 18-wheeler without a driver. Pay without cash. Order food with LEGO. Extract tons of ore 1 365 meters below you. Find the latest information about what’s on in your municipality. Or simply benefit from faster integrations, 5G, AL, ML, AM and a lot of other acronyms. We solve your challenges, whatever they are.

Our capabilities are categorized into four areas: Tech, IT, System Integration and Digital Services.



R&D Partnerships

We help our clients leverage opportunities afforded by technological developments to better manage the challenges at hand.

Our core competencies in this area include: 
• System Development  • Testing • Embedded Systems  • Technical platforms • Education & Training  • System Architecture  • Requirements Management  • Software Design  • Project Management  • SCRUM  • Process Management  • Systems Testing for Industrial Applications with HiMACS  • Product-As-A-Service  • Training Simulators  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology  



IT Systems, Application Management, and DevOps

Cloud Services and security are ever more important in our daily lives. Now, everything can be connected in the Cloud: automobiles, trains, active security systems, IoT solutions, infotainment, all computer applications and of course all mobile devices.

Our core competencies in this area include:
• Software Development  • Technical Due Diligence  • Quality Audits & Assessments  • Architecture  • API Management  • Cloud Strategies & Deployment  • Microservices  • Application Management (AM)  • Test Automation • Continuous Integration (CI)  • SaaS (DigiPub)  • Service Desk & 24/7 Support  • Security Audits



Integration Platforms

For many companies, one of the biggest obstacles to software development is the integration of different system solutions. That's why we invest heavily in system integration services and FRENDS - our Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (eiPaaS) - an affordable and flexible software that connects systems which are otherwise separate for a uniform solution.

Our competencies in this area include:
• Integration Platforms  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  • BPA Processes  • API Management  • Cloud Integrations  • Ground Integrations  • Surveillance  • Automated Alerts



Business, Service & Digital Design

We have a broad range of expertise in the digital domain which also includes all forms of Design and Communications. Apps, Websites, Business Development, Innovation Processes, Design Sprints - we simply offer everything that’s necessary to move brands, products and services.

Our competencies in this area include:

Apps, Websites, Front-end & Mobility
• Website Development  • CMS  • App Development • Mobile Fast • VR/AR • UI/UX • CMS licences  • Full Software Lifecycle Support incl. Regression Testing  • Accessability (WCAG)  • Test Development  • Agile • Back-end Development  • Business Analysis  • E-Commerce solutions  • 3D Modeling & Animation  • Phygital Experiences

Innovation & Concept Development
• AI  • Machine Learning  • Design Sprints  • Prototyping  • UX Design  • Business Model Canvas  • Strategy  • Industry 4.0  • Business & Service Design  • User Study  • Concept Creation

Digital Services, Marketing Technology, Communications & Design
• SEO/SEM  • Marketing Campaigns  • Social Media • Data-Driven Marketing  • Web Analytics  • Campaign Frameworks  • Project Management  • Branding, Analogue Production  • Copywriting  • Art Direction