HiQ acquires Cogitel

HiQ acquires the IoT specialist Cogitel based in Karlskrona. With its 30 employees, it will be a strategically important addition to HiQ's continued efforts to be a one-stop shop for customers in digitization. The acquisition is the next step in HiQ's journey towards becoming northern Europe's leading tech consulting company. 

“I am thrilled to be able to welcome Cogitel to HiQ! We see a solid development and consistent growth within IoT, and today, we work in close relationship with some of the Nordic region's leading players. The fact that Cogitel comes in with its deep knowledge, and both important customers and partners, enables us to broaden our offering in this area, which is fantastic. Together we are stronger,” says Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

Cogitel was founded in 2010 in Karlskrona and has since delivered products, services and tailored development of cloud-based business solutions and services with a focus on connectivity. In addition, the company offers expert consultants in telecom and works in close collaboration with Telenor Connexion. Cogitel also owns the standalone IoT platform Thellio, a licensed software product. The platform performs tracking, monitors health and productivity, and allows efficiency optimizations of your connected products, machines, and even connected spaces. Cogitel consists in its entirety of 30 employees and has customers all over Sweden.

“We look forward to being a part of HiQ and are incredibly proud to be able to announce this today. With HiQ, we get entirely different prerequisites that allow us to scale up as a company. In terms of the offering and corporate culture, we fit well together, and uniting our operations means that we can create a powerful team. In addition, our cutting-edge expertise is a perfect match with HiQ. We also look forward to growing with HiQ's incredibly strong overall offering,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Cogitel.

IoT is an area where development is progressing rapidly. HiQ has broad industry knowledge and extensive experience working with leading players in the field. Cogitel will strengthen HiQ in terms of this vital investment area. The team strengthens HiQ's position to deliver digitization as a holistic partner – from strategy to design, development, integration, launch, operation, and management. The acquisition means an expansion in Sweden and locally in Karlskrona, where recruitment and job opportunities are top priorities on the agenda. HiQ has had a presence in Karlskrona for many years and is a leading company in the city. Cogitel will belong to region HiQ Sweden South with offices in Malmö, Karlskrona and Lund. Cogitel will be part of HiQ, while the Thellio platform will continue to operate under its own brand in the future.

“Karlskrona is an exciting market for us; we are aiming to become the largest locally! When we decided to expand further in the south of Sweden and got in touch with Cogitel, the decision was easy. We invest heavily in the region, which means that we can contribute even more to the local economy. Karlskrona has a strong business community with companies such as Ericsson, Saab and Telenor, and the region is also vital in terms of the public sector. We are a great partner for companies in need of digitization and an employer for everyone who wants to work with leading-edge tech, IT, integration, design, and communication. With Cogitel we will be even stronger in the region. As an employer, we can recruit at a higher pace; our goal is to grow and bring in even more competence in the company. In the future, we will see a lot of job opportunities locally, and at the same time, we can offer employees even more exciting assignments, concludes Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

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HiQ is appointed Karriärföretag 2022 for the third year in a row

Karriärföretagen annually appoints Sweden's most attractive employers who offer unique career and development opportunities for students and young professionals. HiQ is now named Karriärföretag 2022 for the third year in a row.

“I am proud that for the third year in a row, we are appointed Karriärföretag. We work hard with employer branding, and it is great that it shows. Not least when HiQ Leap, our trainee program, has its first start in early 2022,” says Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

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HiQ acquires Lamia

With the aim of becoming northern Europe's leading tech consulting company, HiQ is now acquiring the digital commerce specialist Lamia. The company, founded in Finland in 2012, specializes in building and designing digital services and multi-channel e-commerce solutions. The acquisition of Lamia will be a strategically important addition to HiQ's investment in retail with its constantly growing business consisting of 90 employees today.

“It is very exciting to welcome Lamia to us at HiQ today! We’ve seen a solid, almost explosive, development in the demand for digital commerce-based solutions. Lamia will, with its deep know-how within design, development, cloud and data and important customers as well as partners, contribute to our continued development in the area,” says Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

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Sven Ivar Mørch to leave HiQ

Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ, will leave his position with the company effective immediately. Fredrik Malm, CFO of HiQ, will take over the role as interim CEO until a formal successor takes over. The recruitment process for a new CEO of HiQ is underway.

“I want to thank Sven Ivar for his hard work as CEO of HiQ during the last year. He stepped in and up at a transitional time for HiQ and has achieved a lot in a short time. When considering the company’s future plans and direction, we have, after many mutual discussions, however concluded to part ways. I wish Sven Ivar luck in his future endeavours”, says Magnus Meyer, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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