HiQ wins Guldhanden Award for best public website 2020

The website mdh.se, developed by HiQ for Mälardalen University wins the Guldhanden Award in the category best public website 2020.

“Yeeess! We’re so happy that the results of the great project we did together with Mälardalen University is being recognised this way. This is the result of an excellent collaboration between a brave and visionary client and a very great team from HiQ,” says Anders Nilsson, Managing Director of HiQ Mälardalen. 

HiQ wins Guldhanden Award for best public website 2020

The jury’s motivation emphasised the website’s focus on the needs of the visitor, that it is fully adapted for mobile use and that it has a powerful search function that provides a clear view of the university’s programmes and courses.

“HiQ has been a valuable partner throughout the entire process and we’re so happy about and proud of the results and the award. Creating a website that can clearly display 57 educational programmes, 1,000 courses, hundreds of research projects and our 1,000 employees is challenging. That’s why we switched our focus to the target audiences and created natural flows based on the visitors’ needs – and it’s really great that the jury highlighted this,” said Emma Sandsjö, Director of Communications at Mälardalen University.

HiQ won the assignment of helping the university develop a website that met the high demands of the target audience while also designing a solution that worked with the university’s somewhat complex integrations with the surrounding systems. The objective of the project was for the website to help increase the number of applicants to programmes and courses at the university, simplify things for existing students, attract partners, highlight research and strengthen its employer brand. 

HiQ delivered project management, Scrum Master, system architecture, web development, accessibility testing and advising within UX and design. The website was built in SiteVision and conforms to WCAG 2.1. HiQ conducted an accessibility test soon after launch to reach level AA status.

“We have a lot of experience in web development for the public sector as well as specific expertise in accessibility. Making information accessible is a great challenge for some of Sweden’s public organisations, and many of them are approaching us with these assignments at the moment. There is a lot more to do in this very important area,” says Ander Nilsson.

This year, a record number of websites were nominated for the Guldhanden, an award that is handed out in the categories commercial website, public website and intranet. To be nominated for the award, the website must be built with SiteVision, which is one the most common web publishing systems in Sweden today. The jury consisted of an independent group of web experts from Web Service Awards, Språkkonsulterna, InUse and SiteVision. 

The jury’s motivation
“The winner is an organisation that has left behind the from within perspective to focus sharply on the needs of the target audience. They have made the website simple to use, even on small screens, since most users visit the website from a mobile. The winner has also built an effective search function that makes it easy to find the right educational programme. But the real achievement is surely that they have gotten rid of about 73,000 web pages (yes, you heard right), while increasing the number of applications by 23 percent. Wow! We say well done to ... Mälardalen University!”

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HiQ to build bidding application for Svensk Bilsport

Svensk Bilsport, the association for Swedish motorsports, is ready to take the next step into the future by developing an app for the entire bidding and purchase process for vehicles in the sport of folk racing. An invitation to tender has been out to several tech companies for some time, and the board of Svensk Bilsport has now chosen HiQ to perform the work. 

“We are delighted that Svensk Bilsport has chosen to expand their collaboration with HiQ! We are incredibly strong in app development, and we have noticed a growing demand for our expertise in this field. This transition is not limited to ourselves; it is becoming increasingly important in the digital world we live in. We are looking forward to continuing our excellent collaboration with Svensk Bilsport and to this specific assignment as well,” says Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

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HiQ opens its doors in Helsingborg

HiQ, with the vision of becoming northern Europe’s leading tech consultancy firm, has in a short period of time acquired several businesses and opened new offices, including in Jönköping. The company now reveals the next stage of its expansion, opening a new office in Helsingborg. This is the next stop on the company’s expansion journey and will create many new jobs locally.

“We are growing in the south of Sweden, which is awesome! The fact that we are opening an office in Helsingborg shows the importance of the Skåne region. Both because of all the companies based there and because we can add even more awesome colleagues to our team, who can join us in simplifying the world through tech, design, and creativity. Having an office in Helsingborg means that we can reach even more customers and new colleagues,” says Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

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HiQ commences strategic partnership with Brink Commerce

HiQ and Brink Commerce are entering into an agreement for a strategic partnership regarding digital commerce, with the common goal of becoming the leading alternative in Europe for global players and fast-growing companies in retail, D2C and B2B. The partnership is in line with HiQ’s vision of becoming the leading tech consulting company in northern Europe and further enhances the company’s position as a one-stop-shop in digitization. 

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Brink Commerce. Digitization is an integral part of what we do at HiQ, and our vision is to simplify people’s lives with the help of tech. Working together with a platform that solves highly relevant problems in the industry while also making life easier for businesses and consumers alike is a great match for us. We look forward to a great partnership”, says Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

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