HiQ has developed the software for start-up company InviSense’s smart moisture scanners, which have attracted considerable attention.
“This is a new, exciting collaboration with a company that has new moisture-prevention products and services with the potential to completely revolutionize the construction industry,” said Patrik Holm, Managing Director of HiQ in Östergötland.

For a property owner, moisture damage is often a major cost. The Swedish industry organisation Säker Vatten estimates that over 100,000 cases of water damage occur in Sweden every year at a cost of between SEK 5 and 10 billion.

InviSense develops an extremely thin humidity sensor that easily measures relative humidity (% RH) inside building structures. With the moisture sensor and a cloud-based service, property owners can now easily measure and analyse the relative humidity of various parts of a building, thus ensuring that it is healthy or taking the necessary measures if not.

“We develop our products at Printed Electronics Arena in Norrköping in collaboration with Linköping University and RISE Acreo. HiQ provides crucial expertise in software development, design and cloud-based services. As a local player in Östergötland, HiQ plays an important, innovative role in the region,” says Björn Garplind, CEO of InviSense.

The collaboration began in 2017 and has deepened since then. HiQ has worked with the moisture scanner’s software and developed the user interface. Work is also underway to design a new sensor to measure dehydration of concrete and moisture problems associated with flat roofs.

“It is stimulating to work together with exciting new companies in our region that believe in their business concept and dare to commit fully. It’s also great to hear that InviSense is on technology industry publication Ny Teknik’s list of Sweden’s 33 most innovative companies for the second year in a row. It feels great to be part of that,” said Karl Lindau, Account Manager at HiQ in Norrköping.

Erik Ridman
Erik Ridman Head of Communications HiQ +46 70-420 00 01 +46 8-588 90 000
Patrik Holm
Patrik Holm Managing Director HiQ Ace +46 70 844 99 76


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