Procurator chooses HiQ for systems integration

Procurator needed a stable and flexible integration solution to handle internal and external business transactions in its rapidly growing group. They decided on HiQ’s integration platform Frends.
“Partnering with HiQ’s local Frends integration team is a perfect solution for us," says Christoffer Ekelund, IT Director
at Procurator.

Over the years HiQ has developed extensive expertise in integration and API management using HiQ’s own cloud-based iPaaS platform Frends.
“Simplifying and streamlining things for our customers through smart technology is what drives us at HiQ and with this platform we can do just that. We are incredibly pleased that Procurator has chosen Frends and we can already see how our teams are working closely together on successful integration projects,” says Anna Kleine, MD of HiQ Skåne.

Procurator is a company within Optigroup, which sees a general escalating need for integration between internal and external systems. Initially, Frends will be used to create opportunities for cross-sales between internal ERP systems such as Bison and SAP.
“HiQ’s local presence with a dedicated integration team that can quickly ramp up resource-wise was crucial in our choice of supplier. Frends is a perfect solution for us, as we need a platform with a simple, scalable structure that can meet our needs now, and in the future,” says Christoffer Ekelund, IT Director at Procurator.

Since Frends is a true hybrid platform, it also gives Procurator the opportunity to integrate all the scenarios for which there is a need in the business.
“An integration platform can more easily bridge commercial and technical barriers by managing all integration between new ERP systems and other existing systems faster. And at a lower cost,” says Peter Sognefur, Sales Manager at HiQ Skåne.
“We always start from the customer’s unique situation and requirements. Scalability on our Frends platform – which integrates both cloud and complex on-premise environments and can be run on all platforms – and our local teams allow us to adapt our offering and solutions based on each case.”

Frends is a hybrid cloud-based integration platform that is currently listed in the Gartner Global IPaaS report as a ‘fast-growing IPaaS provider in EMEA’. With 450+ customers globally, including ABB, Eltel and ISS.

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KGK chooses HiQ’s Frends as partner for system integration

In an increasingly digital world, companies are also facing digital challenges. The automotive company KGK has now turned to HiQ’s Frends as its new integration platform supplier for the group. Frends will help the organisation simplify and streamline by standardising integrations, with the ultimate goal of having Frends, in addition to APIs, as KGK’s sole solution for integrations. 

“It’s fantastic that Frends are continuing to grow in Sweden and on the Swedish market! The team has done a tremendous job, and partnering up with KGK shows how integration platforms can help organisations become more efficient and see ROI at an early stage. Great work and go HiQ!”, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ. 

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Magnus Meyer takes chair of HiQ board

HiQ announces today that Magnus Meyer, current member of the board of directors, has been appointed by the board to serve as the chairman of the board effective October 21. Thomas Hofvenstam, who acts as chairman today, will remain on the board as a member.

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Magnus Meyer as the new chairman of the board. Magnus is considered one of Sweden's most influential technology consultants, and his solid experience is of great value for HiQ,” says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO at HiQ.

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Erik Ridman – new Head of Region Stockholm at HiQ

The tech consulting company HiQ is taking yet another step to strengthen its position as a full-stack partner in digital transformation. Erik Ridman, former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Head of Communications at HiQ, is appointed new Head of Region Stockholm at HiQ.

”At HiQ, we have a pretty much unique position in being able to build advanced systems, products and services, and at the same time discuss digital strategies, usability and the repositioning of brands. With background and experience in brand development and recruitment as well as solutions and commitments, Erik Ridman will play an important role in our continued success. And with Erik at the helm of our operations in Stockholm, I’m confident that we will further strengthen our position,” says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

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