Taxi Stockholm has initiated a strategic partnership with HiQ to develop the company’s digital transport ecosystem.
“Continued digitalisation plays a key role in the development of our business, and since January 2018 we’ve had HiQ with us as a partner on our journey,” says Murat Yigit, Group CEO of Taxi Stockholm.

Digitalisation is changing the world, our habits and our service expectations at a rapid pace. Technology is changing the way we think, live, consume and socialise. New technology also brings new opportunities, a new mindset and new solutions for simplifying everyday life. Demands for sustainability, increased mobility and the potential of the sharing economy are changing our view of what we consume and own. Urban transport and car ownership are areas where we will see great change going forward.

“Our appeal as a company in this context stems from our ability to operate at the crossroads of technology, people and business and to create smart solutions that make life easier for people,” says Lars Stugemo, President and CEO of HiQ.

For more than 120 years, Taxi Stockholm has been the leading taxi company in Stockholm. With 1,700 vehicles, they work year round to provide the best service for businesses and individuals alike. They also operate with sustainability in focus, embracing a commitment to a fossil-free transport service and fair working conditions for all employees.

“I am proud and happy to work together with a forward-thinking player like Taxi Stockholm that simplifies and improves people’s lives. This project is very timely. The ability to streamline the taxi ride experience makes things easier not only for the individual – it’s also a big win for the world we want to leave behind,” says Magnus Gudéhn, Managing Director of HiQ in Stockholm.

“Our goal is for Taxi Stockholm to provide a completely fossil-free transport service by 2025 and to be the taxi service of choice. Delivering a seamless service in a digitalised world is becoming more and more complicated every day. But HiQ has broad expertise that spans several areas, making them ideal as one of our strategic partners for a modern taxi service,” says Murat Yigit, Group CEO of Taxi Stockholm.


For 120 years, Taxi Stockholm has been the leading partner for taxi services in Stockholm and Stockholmers’ taxi company of choice. With high ambitions for customer service as we serve more than 20,000 customers each day, continuous development of services for businesses and individuals and 1,700 vehicles, we work throughout the year and around the clock to provide the best service. Taxi Stockholm operates with sustainability in focus, including a commitment to provide fossil-free transport and fair working conditions for all employees. Taxi Stockholm is the parent company in the Taxi Stockholm Group, which includes the companies Sirius Omsorg, Sveataxi Skåne, Svea Taxi Norrbotten, Taxi Värmdö and Taxi Ekerö. Together with other group companies and as part of the Svea Taxi Alliance, Taxi Stockholm can offer safe taxis with high quality and service levels throughout Sweden.

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