HiQ grows in eHealth

HiQ is becoming increasingly important as a player in the field of eHealth. New assignments have seen our eHealth team expand to more than 50 consultants, only in Stockholm, with specialist expertise in the areas of health and medical care. “We’re passionate about using technology to make people’s everyday lives a little simpler – and when it comes to eHealth solutions, the benefits we can bring are particularly clear,” says Magnus Gudéhn, Managing Director of HiQ Stockholm.

HiQ’s business area Healthcare is maintaining its record of strong growth. With major deliveries to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and Inera, alongside projects for the private sector and the medical technology segment, the business area is continuing to grow and flourish in 2018.
“It is immensely gratifying for us win new contracts because this enables us to recruit even more co-workers with the right competence. Our framework agreement with Stockholm County Council forms the basis for many of the projects we are working on, so it is, of course, a source of extra satisfaction that the agreement has now been extended,” says Magnus Gudéhn.

Since the start of the year HiQ has already won a further two healthcare consulting assignments:
1) Domain management of SALAR’s quality registers, which includes a four-year assignment to manage and develop the National Clinical Knowledge Support System and the Quality Indicator Registry.
2) A number of services linked to Healthcare Guide 1177: this offers healthcare advice online and over the phone to residents in Sweden, both nationally through the Inera portal and regionally through Stockholm County Council’s portal. The assignment includes the creation of new functions for patient support and treatment, the development of an authorisation service, measures to increase the use of eHealth portals, and the continued development of a function that enables users to find and compare health clinics.

“The amount of work involved means that HiQ can now recruit even more new talents,” says Peter Lager, who is responsible for Healthcare sector assignments at HiQ.
“It is incredibly exciting to be able to play such an important part in delivering better, more equitable healthcare. It all began three years ago with what was a relatively small assignment, a website for the Vården i siffror initiative (“Healthcare in Numbers”). Since then our collaboration and consulting activities in this field have grown and laid the foundations for the large HiQ Healthcare team that now works with management, administration and development. Healthcare Guide 1177 currently serves two million users a month, so the responsibility for making major changes to the service and developing new user-functions means that this a highly prestigious assignment,” says Peter Lager.

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