HiQ lets you travel back in time at Almedalen

HiQ is continuing to help make the world a better place thanks to the smart use of technology. Now, the Augmented Reality project “Mixed Places” takes user experiences of the world around us to a new level.

“Olof Palme at Almedalen 2017” is the first in a series of apps to be released to the public.

The Mixed Places pilot project illustrates the huge potential of this medium – an Augmented Reality app that provides users with useful information about the specific place where they find themselves. However, to clearly illustrate the opportunities that are now being opened up, it can be a good idea to look back into history.
That is the reasoning behind HiQ’s development of the app “Olof Palme at Almedalen 2017”, an assignment commissioned by East Sweden and Visual Sweden.

“We are doing this to demonstrate how easy it has become to augment reality with the use of readily available existing technology,” says Patrik Holm, Managing Director, HiQ Ace.

Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) technology – which, in contrast to the artificial environments created by Virtual Reality, simply augments and enhances elements of the physical real world we have around us – visitors can experience a genuine piece of political history. They can relive Olof Palme’s speech from 1983 in the very setting where it once took place.
All that is needed is a smartphone/tablet and an app.

“AR technology has numerous areas of use. Everything from city walking tours and art and musical experiences to more practical applications, such as navigation solutions and the facilitation of major construction projects. What we’ve done is to provide just one example of what you can create with AR,” Patrik Holm explains.

The app will only be available during the annual Swedish forum for political and social debate known as Almedalen Week, and the augmented reality experience is only accessible in proximity to the main stage (Almedaldsscenen) in Visby.
The project has been commissioned by Visual Sweden, an initiative based in the County of Östergötland, that exists to promote innovation and regional growth in the fields of visualisation and image analysis technology.

“We want to demonstrate the opportunities that exist to use the virtual space in various physical locations for communication and visitor experience. The opportunity to travel in time that this app provides is just one example of how that can be done,” says Anders Carlsson, Process Manager at Visual Sweden.

The Mixed Places project is a collaboration between HiQ, Visual Sweden, Norrköping Science Park, Significant Bit digital media agency, Visualiseringscenter C, Linköping University and LiU Innovation.

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