HiQ helps 3nine to sell fresh air

A way of selling fresh air – and of improving the environment at the same time. HiQ has worked together with 3nine and ST Solutions to develop an IoT solution that simplifies an industrial process at the same time as it improves working conditions. “We are tremendously proud of our collaboration with two companies that – just like HiQ – are innovative, creative and committed to using technology to make the world a better place,” says Niclas Appelgren, Consultant Manager at HiQ.

The Internet of Things solution facilitates remote monitoring of 3nine’s oil mist eliminator by using a communication unit to collect operating data about key parameters such as air flow, filter consumption and the recovery of cutting fluid. All sensor data is then transmitted via the mobile phone network to ST Solutions Cloud Service, where the HiQ web interface analyses and displays the information.

“All three companies have a clear environmental focus and oSur collaboration has resulted in a service that not only clearly shows the operating status of 3nine’s products, but also – and more importantly – how much air they are purifying and how much cutting fluid is being reused instead of accumulating in a filter that subsequently needs to be treated as hazardous waste,” says HiQ’s Niclas Appelgren.

The service has been developed in such a way that it can simply be linked up with other external sensors. As a result, not only does it provide full insight into the operating status of 3nine’s oil mist eliminator, but it can also convey important information about the operating environment in the factory.

“The idea behind the IoT solution is to make everyday life simpler and less complicated for our customers, so that they can be more competitive. This innovation gives them a better overview and helps them to focus more on production,” says John Elliot, Marketing Manager at 3nine.

The first company to order the new service is Sandvik Coromant, a company that is no stranger to digital solutions.

“Environmental work has always been extremely important for Sandvik Coromant. We are constantly working on improving environmental awareness and that is exactly what this solution helps us to do. This new web service also enables us to optimise production and better understand what is happening in the processing environment,” says Thomas Cortan at Sandvik Coromant.

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HiQ wins framework agreement with the Swedish Tax Agency

HiQ was the only company which received a full score in the Swedish Tax Agency’s procurement for services within IT Applications and is one of the four companies chosen to sign a frame agreement.
“I’m really stoked about this win and that such an important public function as the Tax Agency can benefit from our vast competence within digitalization. A great win for us and a great value for Sweden”, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO and President of HiQ.

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Ingelsta Kalkon chooses HiQ to integrate APSIS One marketing platform

When turkey producer Ingelsta Kalkon chose the marketing platform APSIS One to automate its digital communication, HiQ was the natural choice to integrate the platform. HiQ will develop and administrate the APSIS One integrations using its own Frends integration platform.
“This is a very exciting collaboration in which APSIS and HiQ tie their offers together to create a simple yet valuable solution for our mutual client Ingelsta Kalkon,” says Peter Sognefur, Sales Manager at HiQ Skåne.

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HiQ a winner in Public Health Agency of Sweden’s procurement of IT consulting

HiQ is one of the winners in the Public Health Agency’s procurement of IT consulting services and has signed a framework agreement for a one-year collaboration with the possibility of extension. 

“Winning this contract is really great and it’s extra gratifying that our expertise in digitalisation will be of use to such a central authority as the Public Health Agency. We have all become aware of the crucial work they do and we look forward to helping them continue to progress and improve things for the population,” says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO and President of HiQ.

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