HiQ simplifies the cashless society

HiQ continues to profile itself as a leading player in the making of a Cashless Society. In our partnership with Bambora we have created a digital solution that simplifies global shopping.

Bambora is a Swedish payment group with a global presence that manages transactions in 65 countries. Together with Bambora HiQ has developed a service that simplifies management of Credit Card purchases including purchase, authentication, credit checking and compliance. The service also makes it easier for tourists to recoup VAT and similar taxes.

"To do this together with Bambora is well in line with HiQ's goal and ambition to simplify peoples payments in Sweden as well as in the rest of the world," says Magnus Gudéhn, CEO of HiQ Stockholm.

The collaboration with Bambora is based on similar values, where the focus is entirely to simplify people’s lives with technology.

"We work based on a specific goal but the way to get there is developing during the process. It is based on trust and a pragmatic approach. Everything we do is a consequence of our customers' lives - we build and innovate based on a specific customer demand", says Bambora’s CTO Daniel Nordholm.

HiQ and Bambora have built a modern redemption system that operates in a global market where security, scalability and flexibility are essential. Bambora helps its customers grow and develop internationally with simple payment solutions for the store, online and in the mobile phone. In order to manage this, a smooth technical solution is absolutely crucial.

"Together with the team from HiQ, we have developed this service in less than half the standard time for doing initiatives like this. Normally it takes around 18 months, something we did in eight. Quite impressive, if I may say so myself”, says Daniel Nordholm.

More about HiQ and the cashless society:
Cash was king! HiQ is the leading player in the development of smart technology solutions for the cashless society, that goes hand in hand with Sweden’s steps to be the first country in the world that no longer have to handle notes and coins. We are very experienced in finance, which combined with our skills in digitalization and mobile solutions makes us the perfect partner. As well as team up with Bambora, HiQ has developed the technical solution for Swish – which allows you to send money to friends, companies and organizations using your mobile phone – together with Bankgirot and created the CarPay application with Volvofinans. We have also along term partnership with Finnish S-Pankki, where the simple but effective S-mobiili makes lives easier for their three million clients. Among other clients in our cashless society initiative are Collector, Fennia, Handelsbanken, LähiTapiola, Nordea, OP Pohjola Group, S Group, SEB, Swedbank, Trafikförsäkrings-föreningen and Varma.

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