Raisio has rolled out the HiQ FRENDS integration platform to streamline business and management processes by improving connections and information sharing between the group’s IT systems.

Raisio Group operates in 12 countries and is known for its innovations, including the cholesterol-lowering Benecol product range. The company is committed to continually enhancing its competitiveness through streamlining its processes and activities.

HiQ's FRENDS solution will offer both cost-efficiencies and added flexibility:
"Everything that we do is based on our commitment to ongoing development, corporate responsibility and high quality. Our approach calls for a flexible operative environment and seamless links between our systems. HiQ's new generation FRENDS integration platform allows us to focus on our core activities and new product development. Following a successful launch in Finland, we have now introduced the platform in Poland and expect to continue to implement it across all our international operations during 2017," says Sami Halinen, CIO, Raisio Group.

Smart automation and transparency

HiQ's solution is based on the FRENDS integration platform that allows businesses to streamline their processes, saving them both time and resources thanks to smart automation and process transparency. The solution guarantees the smooth flow of data both internally and between Raisio and its partners.

"We have adopted the FRENDS platform in Finland and are already benefitting from slicker businesses processes and greater work automation. Our financial administration team, for example, are delighted as they no longer need to carry out manual searches and can focus on getting the real work done instead," Halinen explains.

"As a business, Raisio is deeply committed to innovation and they have an extremely clear vision of how technological solutions can help them create a sustainable foundation for all their business activity. Thanks to their interest and involvement, we have worked exceptionally closely on this project. Our team have extensive experience of operational automation and digitization, and we would be delighted to continue working together with Raisio to create the best development and innovation environments," says Jukka Rautio, Managing Director, HiQ Finland.


Raisio Group is an international expert in plant-based nutrition. The Group's key market areas are Finland, United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia and Poland. Markets for the Benecol products are global. Raisio plc's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The Group's net sales in 2015 were EUR 521 million and EBIT excluding one-off items was EUR 51.7 million. It employs some 1,400 people. Raisio's best-known brands are Benecol, Elovena, Benemilk, Hercules and Fox's and it is particularly known for its innovative Benemilk feed brand and cholesterol-lowering Benecol products. www.raisio.com


HiQ brings cost-efficiencies and new flexibility to Raisio (pdf)

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