On Thursday evening, HiQ won the prestigious Swedish Design Award (Svenska Designpriset) in the category ”Information - Annual Report - Print”. HiQ’s Annual Report for the year 2014 was created together with the agency Kärnhuset.

The jury's statement is as follows: "For a captivating forward movement in both colour and shape, with varied and surprising stories."

"I want to thank and congratulate the amazing team behind this, both internally at HiQ and at Kärnhuset. There was a clear vision from the start and through good teamwork the team reached a result that is both original and good-looking. This was our third straight nomination and we're thrilled to have made it all the way this time," says Jenny Normark Sperens, Head of Corporate Communications at HiQ.

The Annual Report 2014 comes in a combination with the HiQ Magazine. The figures section is raw, simple and minimalistic – a contrast to the significantly more visual and vivid magazine. In the magazine, HiQ looks at the times we live in and on how simplicity becomes even more important as technology infuses our lives. The articles tell the stories about, for example, the "queen of crime" who was HiQ's first consultant, about technology challenging death, about the robots' roles in our lives and about the Finnish start-up phenomenon.

"We are proud and happy to be presented with the Swedish Design Award. HiQ has won many nominations and awards over the years, both as an employer and for the innovative assignments we carry out with our clients. With this award we are also being recognized for successful communication, says Lars Stugemo, President and CEO at HiQ.

"We have created something that presents our strong financial position while also telling the story about HiQ as a company and about many of the exciting things that are happening in our surrounding world," Lars Stugemo concludes.

HiQ Magazine

Lars Stugemo
Lars Stugemo President and CEO HiQ International +46 8 588 90 000
Erik Ridman
Erik Ridman Head of Corporate Communications HiQ International +46 70-420 00 01 +46 8 588 90 000


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