Within just a short time Volvo Cars has launched two new concepts for the cars of tomorrow – concepts where technology creates added value for you as a driver and purchaser.

Two concepts where HiQ has been involved in both developing and implementing the technology.

"Concept 26" looks at what we as drivers want to do with our time once the car itself has taken over control of the steering wheel. That can be relaxing, watching films, playing games, working, calling friends, taking part in a meeting, or something totally different. The choice is yours. But you also need to be feel secure when you hand over to the autonomous system, which is why safety, HMI, predictive technology and new services are the cornerstones in the development of this concept.

The development of new technology and new services creates possibilities that extend beyond the physical limitations of the vehicle, something that is particularly clear in the second concept launched recently. This uses "mixed reality" on Microsoft's new platform, which raises the experience of both buying and driving a car to a totally new level.

"Virtual reality technology has now matured to the stage where we can start to see genuine customer benefits. Today we are able to access this technology though mobile devices, and this opens up entirely new business opportunities," says Patrik Sahlsten, Vice President and Business Area Manager at HiQ in Gothenburg.

In addition to collaboration with Volvo Cars, HiQ has also started several concept and development projects with virtual reality applications in education and communication –fields in which technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we learn new things and interact with other people, in real life and in virtual environments that reproduce the sensation of actually being there.

"Virtual reality is one example of how technology can contribute to a world of greater understanding and one that is more fun. These are exciting times, filed with endless possibilities. Never before have we had so much technical capacity to create change. Now we need more brilliant people to join us on our exciting journey," says Lars Stugemo, CEO and President of HiQ.

More about the concept

Video: Concept 26

Video: Mixed Reality

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