This week, the municipality of Kungälv launches its new communications platform, developed by HiQ. The solution simplifies and improves for everyone living in the area. HiQ has had an overall responsibility for both the design and development of the new www.kungsalv.se

"I'm very pleased. We now have a modern platform with the same look and navigation regardless of device - simply a better user experience. Our vision and keywords were courage, creativity and re-thinking," says Susanne Junkala, Head of communications in Kungälv municipality.

The old municipality web site from 2004 has shrunk from 11,000 pages to 800, with simpler texts, improved lucidness as well as translations to sign language. The new solution also has a better search functionality and a focus on video and images.

"This simplifies for both the people who live here and for those working with communications. And we're not done yet, we will continue developing continually, adding more functionality, improving access, and offering better service. We will be perceptive for demands and wishes, says Magnus Gyllestad, Head of the Kungälv municipality.

"We're proud to have gained our client's trust and proud to create a solution that is fun and easy to use. A municipality has large amounts of information that needs to be accessible and this creates high demands on simplicity and usability. Our client had a clear objective and we had the task to implement it," says Jerker Lindstén at HiQ.

HiQ is increasingly winning assignments with overall responsibility for digital strategy and communication. The Kungälv project is yet another example.

"The digitalisation of society is affecting all organisations and creates vast opportunities to simplify people's everyday lives. Just like in this assignment. At HiQ, we have both the competence and experience to shoulder the responsibility on a strategic, creative, and technical level," Lars Stugemo at HiQ concludes

Lars Stugemo
Lars Stugemo President and CEO HiQ International +46 8 588 90 000
Jerker Lindstén
Jerker Lindstén Managing Director HiQ Gothenburg +46 76 880 06 00
Erik Ridman
Erik Ridman Head of Corporate Communications HiQ International +46 70-420 00 01 +46 8 588 90 000


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