In Finland, HiQ is recruiting and training a new team of specialists in the Internet of Things (IoT) to meet the needs of an expanding market. Today sees the launch of the “HiQ IoT Adventure Program”, which will generate 15 new positions in the company.

The HiQ IoT Adventure Program is open both to new graduates and to other applicants who already have some industry experience. Those selected to take part in the six-month training course will not only receive practical and technical training, but they will also participate in actual projects under the guidance of HiQ experts. On completion of the program, the intention is to recruit all successful candidates to the HiQ organisation.

"The Internet of Things opens up huge business opportunities for all companies. However, boosting profits with the help of the Internet of Things requires new forms of competence that are not readily available today. To rectify this situation we are now conducting our own program to identify highly motivated individuals and give them the right tools to become the best in the business," says HiQ's Jukka Rautio.

HiQ will select 15 participants for the program. Applicants should have a background in technology and be passionate about making people's lives simpler. The program will be conducted in collaboration with Saranen Consulting, Microsoft, Onsight Helsinki and the ELY Centre (the Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment).

"We at HiQ help our customers all the way from idea, via technical development and implementation to further development and management. IoT plays more and more important role in this chain. By attracting the greatest talents in this field we will become an even more attractive partner for our customers," says Lars Stugemo, President and CEO of HiQ.

The HiQ IoT Adventure Program starts on 31 August, but candidates can apply to register from today onwards.

For further details visit the application site: www.hiqiotadventure.fi

Lars Stugemo
Lars Stugemo President and CEO HiQ International +46 8 588 90 000
Jukka Rautio
Jukka Rautio Managing Director HiQ Finland +358 40 827 11 42
Erik Ridman
Erik Ridman Head of Communications HiQ International +46 70-420 00 01 +46 8-588 90 000


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