HiQ receives contract award decision in four areas covering consultant services for Kammarkollegiet in western Sweden (Region Västra).

“We are awarded four areas and are very happy. We haven’t had an agreement with Kammarkollegiet before and are now given a great opportunity to contribute with our know-how and experience. It’s fun and exciting to work with authorities and other public organizations and we are looking forward to a good collaboration,” says Jerker Lindstén at HiQ.

HiQ has vast experience from all four areas and is a proficient partner in extensive and challenging IT projects. Within the public sector, HiQ has helped many authorities to streamline and modernise their operations.

“Our motivation is to make people’s everyday life easier and better. We have been doing it for many years and will continue to contribute in simplifying in this exciting segment and for all people who are in contact with authorities and public organizations,” says Lars Stugemo, President and CEO of HiQ.

Kammarkollegiet is the oldest public authority in Sweden. It dates back to 1539 when King Gustav Vasa established a "chamber" to deal with tax collection and the auditing of public accounts. Today the Agency is a modern organisation, which contributes to the taxpayers’ money being used as efficiently and legally secure as possible. Kammarkollegiet adds competence within law, economy, tendering, insurance, asset management and administration, for best possible public administration and benefit for the taxpayers.

Lars Stugemo
Lars Stugemo President and CEO HiQ International +46 8 588 90 000
Jerker Lindstén
Jerker Lindstén Managing Director HiQ Gothenburg +46 76 880 06 00
Erik Ridman
Erik Ridman Head of Communications HiQ International +46 70-420 00 01 +46 8-588 90 000


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