HiQ has been collaborating with Dregen for several years and has for instance been developing the rock star´s digital platforms. As Backyard Babies’ comeback is getting closer it is with HiQ as the digital partner.

“We have been working with Dregen for many years now and when Dregen and Backyard Babies’ soon are back on stage, it feels very inspiring to be a part of that journey. Just as in our collaboration with Dregen, our mission is to create digital solutions that strengthen the profile of the band, increase visitors to their communication platforms and enhance the experience of their music and concerts”, says Peter Lindecrantz at HiQ. 

In 2010, Backyard Babies decided to take a break, but since this summer the band is writing new music and preparing the comeback.

“Even if the music is always number one, the occupation we have as musicians and artists is something completely different today from when we founded Backyard Babies. There are so many possibilities, but also challenges in reaching out to people today. I have always had a great collaboration with HiQ and I´m happy to have their support and knowledge together with Backyard Babies as well, says Dregen.

 “Digital solutions are business critical in all industries, not least when it comes to music. We are looking forward to back up Backyard Babies to find new ways to reach out and communicate with their audience and simplify both for the band and the fans”, says Lars Stugemo at HiQ.

HiQ is now looking for a project leader who can lead the digital collaboration with Backyard Babies. Read more about the job at our  job page.

Backyard Babies is a Swedish rock band that was founded in 1989 in Nässjö. Members are Dregen (singing, guitar), Johan Blomquist (base), Peder Carlsson (drums) and Nicke Borg (singning, guitar). The latest album release from Backyard Babies was in 2009 and in 2010, the band decided to take a break. As the band revealed that the break is over, the announcement was received by great joy. The comeback tour will start at Sweden Rock Festival 2015 and before that a new single and video will be released. The new album will be released in the autumn.

Lars Stugemo
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