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HiQ Västerås is part of our organisation in the Mälardalen Region and is situated in the Kopparlunden area of the city. We enjoy strong links with partners in industry, the public sector and defence, which provided us with our very assignment – to develop and manage the JAS simulator that has since been used to train hundreds of fighter pilots all over the world. Recently HiQ received a usability award for the enkoping.se website platform that HiQ Mälardalen has developed for the Municipality of Enköping. Managing Director is Anders Nilsson.
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Varmvalsvägen 13
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We do list jobs by position and you can find open positions if you switch to the Swedish or Finnish version of our website. But to us people matter most.

So if you believe that you’re the right person for us we might just believe that as well. Get in touch, show us why you’re awesome.

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