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The team at HiQ in Skåne operates in the intersection between technology, users and business. We have been here in the expansive Öresund Region since 2002 and have two offices - in the heart of Malmö and Lund. We use digital solutions to help our regional and international customers simplify their processes and create new business opportunities. Our customers are found in a broad spectrum of market segments – from industry, transport and telecoms to retail, bank and finance, media, entertainment and healthcare. We frequently take overall responsibility for a project from idea and initial outline, through development and implementation, all the way to administration and ongoing optimisation.

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Norra Vallgatan 102, 211 22 Malmö

+46 (0) 40 685 1550


We do list jobs by position and you can find open positions if you switch to the Swedish or Finnish version of our website. But to us people matter most.

So if you believe that you’re the right person for us we might just believe that as well. Get in touch, show us why you’re awesome.

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