Welcome to HiQ in Karlskrona

The office was established in 2004 when HiQ commenced operations in Blekinge County. Today, from our office in the very heart of Karlskrona, our highly motivated consultants work in close partnership with our customers to develop their businesses, operations and technology. We have the technological expertise, insights and knowledge needed to lead teams and organisations in their digital development. We work on-site and on our own premises, always with the aim of making life simpler and better for our customers and their customers. 

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Drottninggatan 28
371 32 Karlskrona

+46 (0) 455 617 627


We do list jobs by position and you can find open positions if you switch to the Swedish or Finnish version of our website. But to us people matter most.

So if you believe that you’re the right person for us we might just believe that as well. Get in touch, show us why you’re awesome.

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