Welcome to HiQ in Gothenburg

The team att HiQ Gothenburg offices works at the red-hot intersection of technology, people and business. From our base at the heart of Western Sweden's technology- and media-intensive sector we combine cutting-edge expertise in the fields of technology, design, communication and VR/AR with a fully developed creative offer that makes us a key player in the development of the automotive, telecom, media, transport and other industries in Sweden. Our Gothenburg offices are centrally located downtown and at the Lindholmen Science Park. 

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Östra Hamngatan 24
411 09 Gothenburg

46 (0) 31 743 91 00


We do list jobs by position and you can find open positions if you switch to the Swedish or Finnish version of our website. But to us people matter most.

So if you believe that you’re the right person for us we might just believe that as well. Get in touch, show us why you’re awesome.

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