This text is composed by 525 words. How is that relevant? Well, it isn’t! Because this information doesn´t help you, the reader, in any way. But what will, is maybe the three words below:

Simplicity is everything.
(And this is why)

When Swedes were asked about the type of services they believe will increase in importance, the vast majority answered 'services that free up time'*.

And the trend amongst new digital services, that allows just that, is clear. We have already gotten used to being able to cut corners by ordering our groceries online and getting them delivered to our home. By allowing temporary access to our private spaces, we can now save even more time by getting deliveries directly to the trunk of our car whilst at work - all with the help of new technology.

Another clear example of our desire to simplify our lives is the digitalization of the health care sector that allows us to save time by no longer demanding a physical meeting with our doctor. Instead of visiting our doctor we can get an instant diagnosis via our smartphone. When this service, along with digitalized pharmacies, allows us to get our prescription drugs delivered to our doorstep, we haven’t just simplified our own lives but also our employers' and the community as a whole - by getting faster diagnoses we can get back on track quicker.

The question all companies have to ask themselves is therefore always 'How does this product or service help to simplify our users’ lives?"

We are often so pre-occupied with all the new technologies that we miss when the smartest thing is to simply scale down. Take for example the wrist phone, like Swedish Tinitell, that 'just' allows calls and GPS tracking and nothing else. Perfect for kids, looking for a new world outside of the safe home, but are too young for a smart phone. Nothing more; nothing less.

On average, 25% of all apps are only opened once after they have been downloaded. This is why a simple interface is also key to success. If the service is smart and simple, the interface needs to be the same – the user will not tolerate anything less.

But making things simple is difficult, otherwise we would all be like the late Hans Rosling – able to present complex things in a simple and inspiring way – but most of us are not. That's why we sometimes need a little bit of help to sort and sift among all the things we think are relevant – but our users don't.

This is where HiQ comes in; to help kill your darlings and make your services relevant by being both simple to use and understandable. This is what we have been doing in cases like Swish, Volvo In-Car delivery, DiacorPlus and many more.

So, no, the answer to the question is that it isn't relevant that this text has 525 words. What is relevant is this:

Simplicity is everything because it will help us all make time to create a better and more joyful world.

* “Svenskarna och internet 2016 – en årlig studie av svenska folkets internetvanor” by IIS (Internetstiftelsen i Sverige)

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