One of HiQ’s most distinctive traits is our corporate culture. Here’s a summary of what drives our culture, what a double-nerd is, and why we place a strong focus on finding and hiring even more of the wonderful creatures we like to call double-nerds.

Marcus Brosjö trying out the perfect flavouring for the soda
Double nerdiness
“If it’s to be it’s up to me” is a mantra that we hold dear at HiQ. It’s something we bring up early on in the job interview process because we like to hire doers. This mantra has been around ever since we were founded, and serves the purpose of giving employees more responsibility as well as encouraging them to carve their own paths and to feel more freedom in what they do. Management and leaders at the company make it clear: You will get full support for your ideas and antics as long as you follow through on them yourself and other HiQ’ers can benefit from them, get excited or learn something. This was the way our board games club and our lunch-and-learn-lectures got started, not to mention our own choir, java association and craft soda brewery. Oh, and I almost forgot – at HiQ Stockholm alone we’ve got 12 bands, a rehearsal room, a ski club, a brewery, and plenty more things to keep curious minds occupied.

It’s the people who geek out about both their jobs and their hobbies whom we like to call double-nerds. Double-nerds come in many shapes and sizes, but are for the most part remarkably curious, passionate, highly motivated, and often decisive. We believe that there are few things that motivate a person more than his or her own nerdiness. So, we want to encourage our people and add fuel to the HiQ’er nerd fire precisely because it’s all part of self-realization.

Double nerdiness is one of our defining cultural traits. It is, unmistakably, something that creates joy, camaraderie and motivation while continuously developing our employees both professionally and privately. Our committment to hiring double-nerds who share knowledge and spread joy is central to our ability to develop the technology, design and communications that help us deliver awesome solutions to our customers.

/Marcus Brosjö – recruitment nerd, food nerd and drink nerd