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Thoughts of tomorrow, today

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Interpretable AI

AI is arguably one of the hottest topics out there at the moment and the increase in research and successful applications has led to an increased interest in a connected area, Interpretable AI. Industries like healthcare, finance, law and transportation are examples of areas where AI algorithms can bring significant value but due to regulations and critical implications if something goes wrong, the requirements on these algorithms are high. As AI and Deep Learning models are often black-box solutions, the lack of interpretability can make it impossible to implement them in practice.

HiQ, culture and double nerdiness

One of HiQ’s most distinctive traits is our corporate culture. Here’s a summary of what drives our culture, what a double-nerd is, and why we place a strong focus on finding and hiring even more of the wonderful creatures we like to call double-nerds.

Advertising is not dead – but agencies soon are

Sweden houses some of the world’s most creative ad agencies, and is by many considered to be in the forefront of the creative development. ‘Guldagget’ (The Golden Egg Award) is Sweden’s oldest and most prestigious competition for the creative advertising industry. Soon, however, this competition, and the Swedish ad agency market, will be totally dominated by tech consultancy companies.


This text is composed by 525 words. How is that relevant? Well, it isn’t! Because this information doesn´t help you, the reader, in any way. But what will, is maybe the three words below:

Are we agile enough?

She looks anxiously at me and asks, “Are we agile enough?” There is a moment’s silence in the little meeting room while I search for a suitably sensible answer. The question is highly relevant.


"Technology from the gaming industry is 2017’s most prominent trend in simulation and visualisation", writes Daniel Johansson at HiQ.

Self-organized teams

Organizations cannot expect to survive without innovation (Davila 2006). To become and remain innovative requires us to collaborate across borders in order to turn information and knowledge into innovation.

UX - two important letters

Today the buzz is all about user perspective. Even so UX advocates still meet resistance from some quarters. HiQ Magazine investigates the issue and looks at why those who neglect the user experience risk getting left behind.

17 people + 12 nationalities equals SUCCESS

Perhaps the team’s success in creating Sweden's most frequently used mobile payment service is no surprise. Research shows that diversity drives creativity.


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