Demonstrates the effectiveness of security systems

The VR experience is a collaboration project, where HiQ has created the virtual experience that focuses on Volvo’s core value of safety. Through virtual reality, you get a clear understanding of the benefits of the various security systems in a Volvo.

Challenge & mission

Volvo Cars relies on several highly sophisticated technical functions to offer safe cars. For example, autobrake systems when drivers’ sight lines are obstructed in city traffic or automatic evasive manoeuvring when an elk suddenly appears on the road ahead.

Trying to describe the enormous benefits of these functions to the consumers has been a challenge.
Therefore, HiQ’s mission was to clarify what the safety systems are actually capable of doing and the benefits.

VR isn’t just a technique for the gaming industry. There are numerous other areas where VR offers genuine advantages.

Patrik Sahlsten, Sales & Business Development Director, HiQ Gothenburg


HiQ created a VR solution that gives you an in-depth knowledge and enables you to get very close to the experience of an accident, so that you can see for yourself how the car acts when certain things happen in its immediate surroundings.

Did you know?

HiQ also helped Volvo Cars in developing the Volvo In-car Delivery, a service for delivering goods directly to the boot of your Volvo without you needing to be there.

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