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No longer just a car

Developments in digital technology are opening up new opportunities for the automotive industry. A car, for example, is no longer simply a means of getting from A to B in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Today a car is an entire service delivery platform.

HiQ has around 300 specialists who work on developing new features, functions and services for the automotive industry. Our collaboration with Volvo Cars began back in 1998 and today we are one of the strongest and most experienced names in the industry. HiQ can provide cutting-edge competence both in specific projects and in overall business and concept development.

We excel in areas such as active safety, environmental improvements, infotainment, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Concept and idea development activities are coordinated from HiQ’s offices in the Nordic countries and California.

We have many years’ experience of the automotive industry and today we are an important innovation partner for our customers.

Patrik Sahlsten, HiQ


Your car in your mobile

HiQ is a proud partner in this unique collaboration that brings together our three core areas of expertise in the automotive industry – active safety, infotainment and connected vehicle technology. 

HiQ has also contributed expertise to a variety of research assignments where the focus is on active safety and on driving simulators for efficient innovation and product development. These include the “Non-Hit Car & Truck” project and “Virtual Prototyping and Assessment by Simulation”. 

One of the projects in which HiQ has been involved is the Volvo In-Car Delivery service, which enables couriers to deliver a package direct to a recipient’s car. HiQ worked together with Volvo and Ericsson to develop the pilot version of this service that was first unveiled in Barcelona in autumn 2014. Volvo In-Car Delivery is an outstanding example of innovative thinking that makes life simpler for car owners, sales companies and courier firms alike. Today Volvo In-Car Delivery is an attractive option in the Volvo service offering. 


Innovating for a safer future

Cars and other road vehicles are an important part of people’s lives and they will play an even bigger role in the future. Developments in digital technology are enabling vehicles to interact more closely with other road users and with society at large. 

Over the past twenty years HiQ has created a leading position for itself in the industry with a track record of successful cooperation with a number of global vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers. And we will continue to create innovative solutions that make life simpler, both for the automotive industry and for everyone who uses the roads.

Jerker Lindstén

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