Ensure the right technology level

Sometimes it necessary with an external view on the IT business or product. For example, when acquiring a company, to save costs, before a major change or when you simply want to get better at delivering.

In Acquisitions it is called Technical Due Diligence otherwise it is called Tech Audit, Critical Review or simply Technical Review. The principle is the same. A team of sharp and experienced HiQers makes an assessment of the technology, the governance and the technical economy and delivers a Traffic Light Report.

HiQ has made over 50 TDDs in recent years and among its customers are companies such as Altor, Nordic Capital, Segulah, Stronghold, Telia, Toyota and Valedo.

Contact Magnus Gudéhn:, +46 70-420 00 82

TDD actcions

A TDD normally covers the following areas: 

IT Management & Governance 

  • IT policy & strategy
  • IT Governance
  • Maintenance and operations strategy
  • Competence sourcing
  • Development methodologies and efficiency
  • Process, routine and code documentation
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

Technology & Architecture

  • System overview and architecture
  • Integration with customer systems
  • IT-infrastructure , cloud services
  • Non-functional aspects (scalability, robustness, performance, uniqueness, duplicability, etc.)
  • Technologies used
  • BI
  • Information Security, GDPR

Commercial aspects

  • Sourcing and delivery partners
  • Dependencies to partners
  • IT Business models
  • IPR, Open Source
  • Growth strategy from an IT perspective
  • IT Investment


Contact Magnus Gudéhn:, +46 70-420 00 82

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