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HiQ's Mobile Audit

Today the most important channel for attracting and retaining customers is mobile. It is extremely important that your app or website not only works on your mobile device, but is also visual, user-friendly and easy to maintain. With experience from over 500 mobile projects and with mobile successes such as Swish, Volvo CarPay and Västtrafik ToGo, we have now developed an Audit.

With HiQ's Mobile Audit you have a clear decision basis for how you can optimize speed, usability and development. Safe and efficient, linked to statistics and KPI:s.

HiQ's Mobile Audit points out strengths and weaknesses, and creates a clear decision basis for how you can optimize speed, usability and functionality which will provide increased page speed, increased conversion, faster development and more repeat customers. An audit can be done regardless of whether you develop yourself or buy a service or product or if you have or are about to acquire a company with expertise.

Contact Stefan Haag, to book a Digital Audit.

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Three levels

HiQ Mobile Audit is available as three ready-made packages: Light, Medium and Max. Get in touch and we'll make sure to provide a Mobile Audit that can give your busineess a boost. 

Audit activities Light Medium Max
Speed Check x x x
Code quality - Static code analysis x x x
UX/User experience  x x x
Method analysis (Development/Test/CI/CD)   x x
Trace open source code     x
Seurity analysis (OWASP top 10)     x
Integration analysis     x
Architecture review     x
Information security and GDPR     x


Contact Stefan Haag, to book a Mobile Audit.

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