FROM 11,000 TO 800

Fewer web pages made even simpler to use

The challenge

New technology is transforming the ways in which people search for information. That is putting demands on companies – and municipal authorities. A modern municipal website must do more than simply provide answers to local residents’ questions. It also needs to attract new inward investment and arouse outsiders’ interest in the municipality.

The mission

The Municipality of Kungälv asked HiQ to develop an inspiring new website. A website that would meet all the requirements for accessibility, answer people's questions and stimulate interest in Kungälv among new categories of companies and individuals.

Did you know?

HiQ has extensive experience of developing municipal websites. We have also produced the award-winning website for the municipality of Enköping.

The solution

HiQ developed a brand new concept for how a municipal website might look. Municipal websites often risk being difficult to navigate. With so many areas of municipal responsibility to describe, large amounts of text are frequently needed to answer users’ questions. In contrast, Kungälv’s new website focuses on visual communication. The old site’s 11,000 pages were replaced by just 800, without compromising the scope or quality of the content. This means a much simpler environment for users to navigate. HiQ’s interaction designers played a key role in the project, maintaining a close dialogue with users of the website in order to improve accessibility.

The result

The new Kungälv website achieves the ambition of meeting user needs in a modern, digital environment. HiQ has made it much simpler for residents and companies to quickly find the information they require. The website’s nomination for the Swedish Publishing Prize is further proof of a successful makeover.

Digitalisation in the public segment

Our clients aim to offer us citizens the best possible service, and the challenges involve everything from out-dated systems and managing large data volumes to security and integrity issues. HiQ is growing fast in the public sector in health and social care, areas that clearly affect people’s everyday lives.

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