When the digital develops the analogue

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With modern technology, you can even improve and simplify the most analogue activities. HiQ's collaboration with Hultafors is a good example on how it can be done.

Hultafors is a leading international brand of high-quality hand tools designed for craftsmen and industry. Even though they have made their characteristic red-ended folding rules since 1883, they use modern technology to improve the everyday lives of craftsmen. To visualise this HiQ developed ‘Hunt for the perfect hammer blow’ that was presented at Nordbygg, the largest construction fair in the Nordic region.


In collaboration with Hultafors and an occupational therapist, HiQ created the technical solution for a test that makes it possible to find the most gentle hammer blow technique for different working situations. The solution is built on a custom made software and a sensor that measures vibrations 3,200 times per second. The purpose with the test is to be able to develop new hammers that will further prevent work related injuries and enhance craftmen's everyday life and health. By taking the test craftsmen can compare different hammers and see which one best suited their style and technique.


”We know that vibration is harmful in the long term. Damage from vibration is one of the most common causes of occupational illness in the industry and construction sectors. This is one of the things we want to improve by finding the best technique and hammer for a long and healthy working life,” says Oscar Puleo, Occupational Therapist at Sportrehab in Gothenburg.


The technical solution that HiQ developed for "Jakten på det perfekta hammarslaget" (Hunt for the perfect hammer blow) makes it possible to, in a unique way, measure the vibrations in each hammer blow for different types of hammers. This helps the craftsmen to choose the hammer that fits them best ergonomically, and at the same time valuable data is gathered which helps Hultafors to develop event better and more ergonomic hammers.

We think it’s exciting to use new technology to develop new products. This one of the ways to make the craftsmen's working life much nicer.

Linda Andrén, Director Sustainability, and Business Unit Tools & Ladders at Hultafors


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